Krista Marie Starr Vinyasa Yoga Workshop : Metamorphosis


Vinyasa Yoga Workshop con Krista Marie Starr
Naples 25-26 May 2019

In this wild thing we call life, it is easy to get lost in the sway of slumber and ignorance. Yet the spark within us, the longing for change, to wake up, to come alive at some point or another begins to stir us into action and we begin to seek. The door to our hearts and lives is begging us to step in and say yes to the Grand Adventure.

Day one
25 May 9.00 a.m. | 12.00 p.m
Session One: Surrender The first step of any adventure is the willingness to walk away from where you were. We have to surrender our old ways to adopt new. Who we used to be has to fall away for our new selves to emerge and thus we enter the liminal space of the sacred where we know we will be shifted and changed. In this session we will open the door, let the divine in, welcome the shifts and growth we long for.
* Invigorating pranayama, mantra, deep sweaty flow

Day one
25 May 2.oo pm| 5.00 pm
Session Two: Presence
From the first step into the rest of our lives we meet allies and friends who aid us on our journey. Awareness, integrity, and compassion are some of the best that we encounter. Above all else: TRUTH. Immersing in reality, steeped in truth, it is here that we have the agency we need to create the change we are seeking. What is true? What is real? It is only when we learn to be present, fully in awareness, that we can discover that wisdom. In this session we will uncover the truth hidden beneath the surface.
* Strength building, deep hip and shoulder opening, inversions, meditation

Day two
26 May 9.00 a.m. | 12.00 p.m
 Session Three: Transformation
And then we start to shift, we start to change. The metamorphosis is taking place, the butterfly not yet escaped from the cocoon yet twirling inside of it’s sanctuary as it builds the strength required to break free and flourish. In this session we make profound changes. We come alive. We use the transformative power of fire and intention to step into a new way of being. In this session we transform.
* Guided visualization, heart openers, twists and spine lengthening

Day two
26 May 2.oo pm| 5.00 pm
Session Four: Integration
Before we return to our everyday life we must solidify the changes we have made so that they don’t fall away and we revert back to old ways and habits. So we create pathways, take vows. We pull all the parts of ourselves into the equation, healing our hearts, basking in our accomplishments, and giving it all back to the divinity that has been guiding us all along. In this session we come home to our selves, step into wholeness.
* Healing arts, energy work, fluid movement, yin postures

Single Session 40 EU
Full Weekend 120 EU
Per i non soci è necessario aggiungere il contributo associativo di 20 eu





Via Francesco Lomonaco, 3, 80121 Napoli NA, Italia